Confusing Ingredients

Confusing Ingredients - GF or Not GF?

If you are new to the gluten-free/gluten zero lifestyle, you've probably already figured out that navigating it isn't always easy.

So many changes, so many details to remember; enough to make your head spin 'round-n-round. It's no wonder there is fear, dread and confusion.

Label reading skills are on the "must have" list in order to be successful. [Sorry, this will not be a How to Read Labels article; I'm saving that for another time, but you can learn more about reading labels here and here]

If you wish to by-pass almost all labeling reading - stick to single-ingredient whole foods. Fresh fruits and veggies, plain meats, seafood and poultry. Ever see an ingredient label on a head of broccoli? By far, this will be your best and most healthiest option.

However, in the event you find yourself in the packaged food aisles reading labels, you'll run into some strange and confusing ingredients. You'll need to know what they are and if they are gluten-free. Keep in mind, if the ingredient is gluten-free, it does not mean that it's healthy for you. Choose wisely!

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Gluten-Free Living Magazine
Amaranth Herbs Quinoa Tapioca
Arrowroot HVP or HPP Rice Teff
Barley Lecithin Rye Teriyaki sauce
Brewers yeast Malt Seasonings Tofu
Buckwheat Maltodextrin Seitan Triticale
Caramel color Millet Soba Vanilla
Citric Acid Modified food starch Sorghum Vinegar
Corn Mono and diglycerides Soy Wheat
Dextrin Montina Soy Sauce Wheat Starch
Flavors MSG Spelt Whey
Glucose syrup Oat gum Spices* Xanthan gum
Gluten Oats Starch Yeast
Guar Gum Potato Sweet Potato

Gluten-Free Living Magazine
'Top 10 Ingredients you really don't need to worry about'
1. Caramel Color 4. Glucose Syrup 7. Maltodextrin 10. Vinegar
2. Citric Acid 5. Glue (envelopes) 8. Mono and diglycerides
3. Dextrose 6. Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein and Hydrolyzed Plant Protein 9. Spices*

*Ground spices have been undergoing some investigation as of late. While single spices are inherently gluten-free, testing is beginning to show that various levels of contamination can be found - even if the spices are processed in a facility without gluten [they are presumably coming in contaminated].

Please check out these links...

Gluten Free Watchdog Report: Gluten Contamination of Spices

Canadian Food Inspection Agency Report: Gluten in Ground Spices

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Updated: 12/10/15 - Fixed Gluten-Free Living link for Ingredients.