Gluten-Free Turkeys 2013

The 2013 holidays are upon us, here is a list of turkeys that are gluten-free. If a turkey isn't on this list, it maybe gluten-free, it just means it wasn't checked.

Always, always, always check the ingredient list! If you are unsure, call the manufacturer and ask questions.

Be aware that the US Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) regulates labeling for meat, poultry, egg products. USDA regulations for labeling allergens [like wheat] are not the same as the FDA regulations. Companies may voluntarily comply with FDA regs, but they are not required to disclose wheat, or barley, rye, or oats or any derivatives.

If you see modified food starch, starch, dextrin as ingredients in a USDA product, it's best to call the company to verify the source [are they derived from gluten sources?].

If you are making a turkey for a gluten-free guest, please read our Guide to Gluten Cross Contamination. They'll love you even more!

Jennie-O Whole Turkeys

Jenni-O is a Hormel Company. Hormel will clearly gluten (wheat, barley/malt, rye, oats). Hormel's GF List.

Jennie-O has many items on their gluten-free list.

Honeysuckle White

Does Honeysuckle White® Turkey contain gluten or MSG?

All of our products are free of MSG.

The majority of Honeysuckle White® products do not contain Gluten. However, the following list of products do contain Gluten:

Teriyaki Flavor Turkey Breast Tenderloin
Frozen Italian Style Meatballs
Fresh Italian Style Turkey Meatballs

Always refer to product packaging for accurate ingredient statements.

We don't use flour on the conveyor belts in any of our Honeysuckle White® processing plants.


Response from Perdue Customer Service 10/18/13:

Most of our products are gluten free! We have three tiers of gluten free products. The highest tier is Certified Gluten Free by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization (GFCO), a program of The Gluten Intolerance Group and will have their seal on it. These are tested and certified to be gluten free.

These are Certified Gluten Free Products:

PERDUE® SHORT CUTS® Carved Chicken Breast, Grilled (9 oz.) (246)
PERDUE® SHORT CUTS® Carved Chicken Breast, Honey Roasted (27 oz.) (81230)
PERDUE® SHORT CUTS® Carved Chicken Breast, Honey Roasted (9 oz.) (224)
PERDUE® SHORT CUTS® Carved Chicken Breast, Original Roasted (27 oz.) (81030)
PERDUE® SHORT CUTS® Carved Chicken Breast, Original Roasted (9 oz.) (221)
PERDUE® SHORT CUTS® Carved Chicken Breast, Southwestern Style (9 oz.) (222)
PERDUE® SHORT CUTS® Carved Turkey Breast, Oven Roasted (9 oz.) (235)
PERDUE® SHORT CUTS® Fully Cooked Turkey Ground and Seasoned with Italian Style Spices (150)
PERDUE® SIMPLY SMART® Breaded Chicken Breast Tenders, Gluten Free (22 oz.), Frozen (80489)
PERDUE® SIMPLY SMART® Gluten Free Breaded Chicken Breast Tenders (11.2 oz.), Fresh (143)

The next tier will make the claim "Gluten Free" on the package. These are still tested to be gluten free but have yet to be certified by GFCO.

The last tier has products that don't make a "Gluten Free" claim, but from the ingredient list, you know they don't contain glutens. The allergen statement under the ingredients is required to say, "CONTAINS: WHEAT" if that is an ingredient.

Should you have further questions, please feel free to contact a consumer representative at 1-800-473-7383 Monday through Friday 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM ET, or email us at


Butterball lists several gluten free products on their website

Frozen Whole Turkey -
Frozen L'il Butterball -
Fresh Whole Turkey -
Fresh L'il Butterball -


Do your hams or turkey breast contain glutens?

We have reformulated our glaze to be considered free of allergens. This means our hams and turkey breasts DO NOT contain glutens.