The CD/NCGS Calculator will calculate an estimate of those with Celiac Disease and Non Celiac Gluten Sensitivity (The Gluten Syndrome).

Enter the population of your favorite city and watch the numbers add up. If you don't know the population, you can check
2010 US Census Bureau then copy and paste. If you are outside of the US, check out the International Census Database.

You can also adjust the percentage rate of CD diagnosis and the estimated rate of NCGS.

If you are curious about these numbers by Wisconsin Counties, check out
How many celiacs in Wisconsin post.

Celiac & Non Celiac Gluten Sensitivity Calculator

# of Celiacs

1% of population
# of Diagnosed Celiacs

% of 1%
# of Undiag. Celiacs

# with NCGS

6% of population
# with NCGS

10% of population
# with NCGS

% of population

Calculator Details

Celiac Disease Prevalence

Medical studies have shown that Celiac Disease affects
1 in 133 or about 1% of normal, healthy people.

Celiac Disease Diagnosis Rate

Estimates vary on the actual percentage of those that get diagnosed.

Dr. Peter Green estimates
10% of the 1%.
University of Chicago Celiac Disease reports that
97% of the 1% go undiagnosed - this means 3% gets diagnosed.

Because of the variability, the calculator allows you to adjust for this.

Non Celiac Gluten Sensitivity (The Gluten Syndrome)

NCGS is a relatively "new" find for mainstream medicine. It's not very well understood yet and testing is not always conclusive.

Dr. Alessio Fasano reports about
6% of the population has NCGS.
Dr. Rodney Ford estimates about
10% have NCGS or The Gluten Syndrome.
Other medical professionals have estimated the percentage at 30% - 40%.

Because of the variability, the calculator allows you to adjust for this.